CDO Statement on Recent Events in Minneapolis

The recent killing of George Floyd has shown once again that we are long overdue for drastic reform to our criminal justice system. The College Democrats of Oregon condemn all acts of police brutality. White supremacy is deeply entrenched in our institutions and the horror that unfolded in Minneapolis reminds us we cannot simply ignore the problem. Combatting systemic racism starts with bringing the four officers responsible for George Floyd’s murder to justice.

Additionally, the College Democrats of Oregon, fully endorse the Resolution to Condemn Police Brutality put forth in the House of Representatives by Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. This bill calls for improved oversight, independent investigations, and other measures meant to hold the police accountable. We strongly urge our representatives in the House to support this resolution, as well.

We know very well that George Floyd’s untimely death is not an isolated case, as Black people all across the country have been senselessly killed for peacefully selling CDs (Alton Sterling) or sleeping (Breonna Taylor). As Oregonians, it is easy to think we are immune to racism because we live in a blue state. However, we must turn inward and evaluate our state’s racist history and how that shapes Oregon today. In the present day, Portland’s Black population has been disproportionately affected by predatory housing schemes and ‘urban renewal projects.’ Minneapolis may seem far away, but for many Oregonians, these patterns of suffering are all too familiar.

Rosa Colquitt, Ph.D., Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s Black Caucus, encapsulated the plight of Black America with one question: ‘who’s next?’ For Black families across the country, the fear of police violence is constant; we owe it to them to do better. In this time of immense turmoil and grief, we stand with our Black friends and neighbors, and we will not forget George Floyd. Rest In Power, Big Floyd


Contact: John Freudenthal, Communications Director