CDO Statement on Disaffiliation from College Democrats of America

“On the evening of November 18, 2021, the College Democrats of Oregon State Council voted to disaffiliate from the College of Democrats of America.

“First and foremost, we would like to make it clear that there is no single event which has brought us to this decision. While we are deeply disappointed in the recent treatment of the National Vice President, we realize that this abuse is indicative of deeper issues within the national organization. Much of what we have seen can be almost exclusively characterized as senseless infighting and identity politics, completely hypocritical of the progressive ideals we claim to hold dear. There are certainly important debates to be had, but merit becomes increasingly scarce as we hide behind weaponized identities. If nothing else, this infighting is extremely counterproductive and leads to complete inaction within the organization, other than the airing of personal grievances.

“In the debate over our membership in the College Democrats of America, our members identified many concerns over our arrangement, but few reasons to remain. We have spent a lot of time and energy discussing organizational politics. The recent Politico article serves as a stark reminder that this organization does not operate in a vacuum and that our actions have an impact beyond just ourselves. Further, while we understand the lack of funding is a failure of the Democratic National Committee, little has been done at any level to change this reality. Our basic needs for financial support or resources of any kind remain unfulfilled, while our membership in the College Democrats of America continues to be a liability.

“Over the years, our federation has done good work in state and national politics, mobilizing students to vote, and encouraging broader civic involvement on our college campuses and beyond. Make no mistake––there are incredible opportunities to expand upon our work and realize our vision of building an equitable, more just Oregon. However, it has become clear to us that this vision is not compatible with our membership in the College Democrats of America.”


Contact: John Freudenthal, Communications Director

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